2014 Summer Music Camps in St. Louis


If you’re looking for some fun and educational summer music camps in St. Louis?  Check out some of our newest options!

Piano and Percussion Camp for Pre-K and Kindergarten:

In this fun and accelerated camp, children will get hands on experience with the piano, and various percussion instruments from the djembe to xylophones.  We will learn letters, learn rhythms and the difference between rhythm and pitch, and will create fun versions of familiar tunes using all instruments.   We will perform our arrangements at the end of camp. This is a wonderful intro to private piano lessons!
June 9th-June 13th 8AM- 12PM 1 week session: $80

Acoustic Guitar Camp Ages 8 to 12 and 13 to 18:

This group will meet in two age groups and is for beginner to late beginner guitarists.  We will learn strum patterns, finger picking styles, chord transitions, the basics of the guitar including letters, fingers, anatomy, and an intro to reading tab and chord charts.  We will perform a tune at the end of class for our families!

June 10th-July 3rd Tuesday/ Thursdays 10am to 12pm  $120

Songwriting Camp Age 8 to 12 and 13 to 18:

In this accelerated course for kids with a little experience in music will teach the basics of music theory as it pertains to writing songs.  We will discuss chords and which chords to use in a functional song, will learn what sells, discuss lyrics and how to write using what you already know.  We will also have a component teaching students how to write with other musicians, and will record our arrangements at the end of class.

June 16th-June 27th 2 week session $200 plus $30 recording fee

Intro to Vocal Styles Ages 12 to 18:

The is a week long crash course on vocal styles.  It is heavily weighted in vocal technique as it applies to each style.  We will take a tour through a variety of styles including blues, pop, r&b, jazz, classical, and rock!  We will perform solos in the style that best suits each individual vocalist, and will create an ensemble piece for our audience on the last day of camp!

Date TBD Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm $100

Musical Adventures Ages 1 to 6:

Musical Adventures programs are designed for toddlers to age 6 and meet in two groups: 1 to 3-year old’s and 3 to 6-year old’s.  These classes are fun and educational and teach children rhythms, scales, chords, and much more!  We dance, play instruments, sing, and work together to learn a variety of concepts.   We will perform one of our best hits for our parents at the end of camp.

Toddlers ($80): Tuesday/ Thursday June 10th-June 26th 8am-10am
Pre-K and K($120): Monday June 2nd-Thursday June 5th 8am-noon 

Disney Camp ages 7 to 10:

We will pretend to be Disney stars as we learn songs from a variety of our favorite films and shows!  All students will have the opportunity to prepare a solo while also participating in our ensemble.  We will dance, play games, and learn how to act like our favorite Disney characters all while learning about music.  We will have both an art and movement component to accompany this camp.

June 9th-13th Monday through Friday $120

a little lesson on strings with Miss Crystal's cello

a little lesson on strings with Miss Crystal’s cello


pop song performance with original by student Mia Ugalde

pop song performance with original by student Mia Ugalde


Call us with questions or to register: 314-781-4747

Download our Registration form here:

Student Camp and Class Registration 2014

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