Prestige Performers


Prestige Performers, Inc. is an organization of musicians and music educators dedicated to the arts.  We are focused on music education and performance opportunities for students, and we firmly believe in wellness and healing through the musical arts.  We are a non-profit organization, and pride ourselves on giving opportunity to all students.  We offer scholarships and financial assistance, and also have student teaching opportunities as well as job placement programs for those musicians who are looking for work.

Meet our Board Members:

Crystal Brown, the President of Prestige Performers started this organization in 2009 as a Limited Liability Corporation.  After converting her business to a non-profit and changing the legal name to Prestige Performers, Inc., Crystal began shifting gears to offer music lessons and classes to students who may not otherwise be capable of paying for them.  She has been a music educator for over 10 years, and has a background in piano and vocal studies.  Crystal works to raise funds for the organization, plans and organizes events, teaches, and works to make music available for as many children and young adults as she can.

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Additional Board Members: 

Board Chair: Mary Weber

Secretary: Alnita Smiley

Directors: Kit Kellison & Tony Mallory



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